Lesbian wedding dresses: real lesbian marriage photos and videos

Lesbian wedding dresses: real lesbian marriage photos and videos

Lesbian wedding dresses

Real lesbian marriage photos and videos

When it comes to a lesbian wedding dresses, the brides have an infinite number of possible options for their outfits. Let’s take a look at just one option: the “Two Wedding Dresses” approach. This is when both brides wear a dress. The lesbian marriage photos and videos below show that there are heaps of creative variations on the theme of ‘two wedding dresses’!


lesbian wedding dresseslesbian wedding dresses


The ‘Two Wedding Dresses’ approach

If you and your bride both want to wear wedding dresses, here are some twists on that theme to whet your appetite!


Twist 1: White and traditional lesbian wedding dress

In the video below, you’ll meet Alexa and Stephanie,  two brides who look resplendent in their white dresses. The dresses are different, but the material is in complementary shades, and the designs are both floorlength, strapless, with a similar sweetheart neckline. The main point of differentiation comes with the choice of fabric, with a matt frabric creating eye-catching contrast with the silk.  Watch out for the sexy, shocking shoes, too: one pair in traditional ivory, and one in outrageous purple.

I’ve tried to find something similar online, and found the one below at Light in the Box. I am still trying to find out if they are gay friendly, so stay tuned. (Remember, if you’re buying online you can get wedding dresses drastically reduced, but you will have to add $200 – $300 for alterations.)

Trumpet / Mermaid Strapless Court Train Taffeta Wedding Dress

At the time of writing, this one was under $300 online (retail $1337).  If you’re buying online, budget another $200 or so for alterations.


Twist 2: Matching lesbian wedding dresses

Some lesbians brides have matching dresses. I wouldn’t suggest that you go for an exact match: you don’t want to look like twins! However, similar dresses look stunning in wedding photos! So how do you get the right balance?  I think the girls below have pulled it off perfectly. Their dresses are very similar in style,  but they have used beadwork, slightly different drop-waist features, and other minor touches to differentiate each dress. As the marriage photos below show, this gives a very cohesive, classical look in wedding photos.

Two brides in matching wedding dresses - lesbian marriage photos

Image by: Amy T Schubert


Brides in wedding dresses with similar design - lesbian marriage photos

Image by: Amy T Schubert

I like the dress below, which has a similar cut, but is champagne rather than pure white. Champagne is more flattering for freckly or pale skin tones (like mine!!). If you have a similar skin tone, be sure to specify champagne when you order it online.

lesbian wedding dress cathedral design

A-line strapless cathedral dress.Around $590 from Light In The Box


Twist 3: Cheeky and irreverent lesbian wedding dresses

This wedding video is wild! It’s a out-of-control party + performance art + live gig + wedding. The video is described as a  ‘fake’ lesbian wedding, but rest assured the two women are getting married! Laura Thurston and Kristy Hammond are a real-life lesbian couple. However, without the law behind them, they can’t get married in the eyes of the law – so they have a kick-arse celebration anyway … in the eyes of their friends! The choice of wedding dresses is doubtlessly a cheeky “f*ck you” to the establishment – they wear their dresses with an ironic sense of humor that will have you giggling.

This kind of approach is all about expressing yourself, and pushing the wedding theme to extremes. Milanoo(gay friendly store!)has some Lolita inspired dresses that will have you smiling, like the one below.

Cotton White Lolita Blouse And Black Lolita Skirt Outfit

$58 at Milanoo
(Milanoo is gay friendly and welcomes lesbian brides!)


This one is cute too….also from Milanoo…

Twist 4: A splash of color

Below are some of my favorite lesbian marriage photos. I loooooove these dresses. If you met these two beautiful women on a beach in France in the 1930s, you wouldn’t bat an eye: their look is timeless. Choosing rich pastel green and blue over traditional white, these brides wear cleverly complementary designs. Both dresses have a floral applique motif, both are teamed with glossy wraps, and both have a floating, carefree design. And yet, the designs are surprisngly very different! One has straps, one is a halter, one is ankle-length, one is knee-length. Effortlessly (it seems) these stylish brides have chosen dresses that, although cohesive, suit the personality and physicality of the beautiful women who wear them. They also do justice to the summery, beachside location. There is so much joy and color in these photos: well done to the brides! (Hour-glass, bosomy women like me won’t be able to get away with this shape, tho!)


This was a harder dress for me to find online: the floaty, romantic floral prints are few and far between at the time of writing (July 2013). Everything has more of a “Mad Men” aesthetic at the mo’ (which suits me better anyway)! Here’s a floral and tiger print that I quite like….

‘Two Wedding Dresses’ make a romantic, powerful impact

The lesbian marriage photos and videos above show that there’s a myriad of ways for you to interpret the ‘Two Wedding Dresses’ approach. And whichever way you go, it will make a romantic, powerful impact when you exchange wedding rings (or commitment rings).  What do you think of the ‘Two Wedding Dresses’ style? Let us know in the comments below.


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Lesbian wedding dresses: real lesbian marriage photos and videos
Real lesbian wedding dresses! Gorgeous lesbian marriage photos and videos of wedding dresses. Plus - twists on the 'two wedding dresses' approach.

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