Lesbian promise rings – top picks and latest trends

Lesbian promise rings – top picks and latest trends

Lesbian promise rings – top picks and trends

Lesbian commitment ring trends and top picks

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day – you can exchange promise rings any time! Image: Royce Bair.

Lesbian promise rings (and commitment rings) are a great way to show your love for your partner. In the lesbian community, there are no hard and fast rules as to when or why or how you exchange promise rings.

I know a few baby dykes and younger lesbians (including myself, when I was younger!) who exchange promise rings quite early in a relationship. (And so what? Sometimes the feeling of love is so powerful it sometimes needs to find expression!)

Others might like to wait until a relationship deepens, while others exchange rings with formality at a commitment ceremony.

Promise rings are not wedding or engagement rings, and they have far less rules attached. They don’t have to be exchanged formally, and they don’t need to break the bank! Don’t spend thousands on a promise ring – the ballpark is a couple of hundred TOPS! (For more expensive rings than the ones I’ve reviewed below, check out my post about lesbian wedding rings.)

For me and my partner, our rings have also gained an extra meaning: living as we do in Australia, we can’t get married yet so promise rings are our way of saying that we are promised to each other, until we can celebrate our wedding day. Today I’d like to talk about:

Note: There’s another article that answers all your FAQs about lesbian promise rings (e.g. which hand to wear your ring on, and how much to spend on a lesbian promise ring.)


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Lesbian Promise Rings – My Top Picks

Top pick 1. Navy titanium ring with floating sapphire

Navy Titanium Ring with Princess Blue Sapphire

Navy titanium ring with floating sapphire
$249 from Love and Pride

I love the Navy Titanium Ring with Princess Blue Sapphire (above). In New Age philosophy, the sapphire is said to open up the throat and third-eye chakra, bringing insight to the wearer. In medieval times, the sapphire was worn only by those of noble birth, and was said to protect the wearer, especially from poison. Although no-one is probably trying to poison you, there are times when you’ll get poisonous looks from homophobes! Just flash your sapphire at ’em and bellow I AM PROTECTED! 

I also like that the ring design gives a very gentle nod towards the traditional engagement ring design – the single jewel on a slender band. But it modernises and deformalizes the design, while giving it a powerful punch of navy, making it a perfect lesbian promise ring.

Love and Pride are the top gay and lesbian online jewellers. A percentage from every purchase goes towards the fight for equality.


Top pick 2. Titanium ring with rainbow band

Rainbow ring for lesbian commitment ceremony

Titanium ring with rainbow inlay
$175 from Love and Pride

Love and Pride does it again with this eye-catching titanium and rainbow lesbian promise ring. It will garner comments and praise from everyone who sees it. The sleek slip of rainbow inlaid into the glossy titanium gives this lesbian promise ring a style all of its own.

What I love about this ring is it has the simplicity of a wedding band, with the joyous bling of rainbow. A real knock out.

Note: Just found a similar ring on sale through Amazon for only $35.

Top pick 3. Antiqued monogrammed signet ring

lesbian signet ring

Antiqued signet ring with initials
From $149 at PicturesOnGold.com

How much do I love this bold monogrammed signet ring? The idea is that you each get a ring with your partner’s initials, so you are wearing her initials on your hand, and she is wearing yours. One of my favoritest lesbian couples in the world did the signet ring thaaang for their commitment ceremony, and I love it. It’s a kick-ass, androgynous look (and they tell me that their signet rings are super-comfy to wear!).

femme signet promise ring

A more femme signet ring from PicturesOnGold.com

To get a personalized signet ring, head over to PicturesOnGold.com (very gay-friendly people) and type in what initials you want on your promise ring, choose what metal you want (e.g. silver, yellow gold, white gold etc) and you’re away.

The lesbian promise ring I’ve shown above is quite – well, masculine, let’s face it. There are femme versions (see right), so you could each have a different style ring if one of you is femmier and one of you is butchier.

PicturesOnGold.com makes sure you get your ring within a few days. If you live in New York, you can even pick it up the next day! If you live internationally (e.g. Australia, like me! Or the UK) you’ll still get it within 3 business days.


Lesbian promise ring trends for 2014?

Trend 1. Titanium

Although I am a die-hard white gold girl, I tips me hat at the new trend in titanium for lesbian commitment rings. Where white gold says ‘tradition’, titanium looks to the future. It is bold, powerful and enduring. It never tarnishes. It never rusts. It’s hypoallergenic. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metals. Let’s put it this way: NASA uses titanium in aerospace projects. To say it is ‘enduring’ is an understatement.

Lesbian promise ring titanium

Comfort fit titanium ring with tree bark finish. Was $145 now:
$39.99 from Amazon

Yellow Gold and Titanium Satin Finish Lesbian Promise Ring

Yellow Gold and Titanium Satin Finish Ring
$100 at Love and Pride. (Originally $200)

Rounded Black Titanium Lesbian Ring with Rainbow Cutout

Black Titanium Ring with Rainbow Cutout
$175 from Love and Pride.


Trend 2. Finger tattoo rings

Lately, lesbian couples have embraced the permanency of ink to symbolise their commitment to each other. The finger tattoos can appear on any finger, and can take any shape that you desire. Here are some promise and commitment ring tats to whet your appetite:


To find a good tattooist, there’s only one way I know that works. Find someone that has a tattoo that you love, and ask them where they got it done. And that means stopping people in the street if you have to!! I’ve done this myself. It’s embarrassing, but how else will you be sure to get a good tattoo artist?

If you’re arty (and brave), then you can always grab some ink and hit the skin yourself.

Top Quality  Tattoo Kits With 2 New Style Tattoo Guns and 10 Color Ink

Simple tattoo kit.
$85 from Light In The Box.

Trend 3. Pink triangle design

No doubt you’ve heard of the pink triangle that gay prisoners were forced to wear during the holocaust. That shape has been turned upside down and is now a symbol of sexual equality. For me, it’s not something that I could wear as a ring because I would want to cry every time I saw it. I know that’s not the right reaction! The triangle is a wonderful reclaimed symbol that symbolizes the journey towards a homophobic-free world. Maybe in time I will be strong enough to wear a triangle. I truly and deeply appreciate the way that this symbol has been embraced by the LGBT communities, and I’ve chosen some designs to show you the way this trend is moving.

Reclaimed silver gay pride ring, made in America. (Sorry about dodgy photo.)
$64 from Amazon

LOVE Made In Heaven (TM) Silver Ring with Pink Tourmaline

Made in Heaven Ring with Pink Tourmaline Triangles
$229 from Love and Pride

925 Silver Double Pink Tourmaline Ring

Silver Double Pink Tourmaline Ring
$495 from Love and Pride

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Lesbian promise rings - top picks and latest trends
Lesbian promise rings are hard to find! Today, I'll show you my favorite lesbian promise rings. And we'll take a look at the latest trends for 2014.

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