Obama’s phone-call to two lesbians who made gay marriage history

Obama’s phone-call to two lesbians who made gay marriage history

“The President’s on the line” – not many of us get to hear those words! But Kris and Sandy, the lesbian couple who helped win the victory for gay marriage in California found themselves on the phone with President Obama. Under President Obama gay marriage has taken a huge leap forward, but in his call to Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, President Obama gave them all the credit. The words can barely be heard over the roar of the crowd outside the Supreme Court, but he says: “We’re proud of you guys, and we’re so proud to have this in California. And it’s because of your leadership things are heading the right way. So you should be very proud today. … I hope you have a great celebration.”

At least, I think that’s what he says! Listen for yourself…


Kris Perry’s name will go down in history in the landmark case of “Hollingsworth vs Perry”. You might remember that it was  Charles Hollingsworth who pushed through the Prop 8 law that banned gay marriage.  Perry swears she is not political, but she and her partner, as well as two other petitioners, had the strength to stand up for what’s right, and today that strength has seen a change that will reverberate down through the generations.

But that wasn’t the only victory: the Supreme Court also threw out the 1996 “Defence of Marriage Act”. Under this horrible Act, gay and lesbian couples were denied over 1000 basic rights, such as the right visit a sick or dying partner in hospital. President Obama’s support of gay marriage was made clear again today when he applauded the Supreme Court for overthrowing this law, saying: “We are a people who declared that we are all created equal – and the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

If I could pick up the phone and call anyone in the world now, I don’t know if it would Perry and Stier for fighting in the trenches for us, or to President Obama for providing such inspirational leadership. And now, it’s not just the phones that are ringing in California. It’s the wedding bells too.


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Obama's phone call to two lesbians
Listen to the phone call between President Obama and a lesbian couple who made history in California.

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