New Zealand welcomes gay marriage with a song

New Zealand welcomes gay marriage with a song

The New Zealand gay marriage bill

Something to sing about!

When I watched the footage below, I cried. I watched it again, and cried some more. The video below shows the moment when the New Zealand Marriage Equality Bill passed.  At that moment, the citizens in the New Zealand Parliament House gallery broke into song.  Soon, their voices were joined by those of the lawmakers in the house below.  The song was the New Zealand unofficial national anthem: Pokarekare Ana. The lyrics are in the Maori language, and include the line: “Oh girl, come back to me, my heart is breaking for of love for you.”

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A heart-breakingly beautiful moment…

After the song, an atmosphere of celebration erupted, with lawmakers and citizens alike cheering, hugging, crying and applauding this wonderful moment.

The celebratory atmosphere started early, with speeches given by lawmakers on both sides of parliament that captured the winds of change blowing through parliament house, which lead to heart-warming vote count of  77 to 44. My favourite pro-gay marriage speech comes from Maurice Williamson, a centre-right politican!

How did New Zealand pass a gay marriage bill – so quickly?

After all, New Zealand has a strong, vocal minority of “Family First” fools who opposed the bill. In fact, a whopping 75 000 New Zealanders signed a petition against the equality bill.

On the other hand, two-thirds of New Zealands support gay marriage.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, what the people want has very little to do with politics. Where I live (Australia)  MOST people support gay marriage, but the bloody politicians won’t budge on marriage equality. We have a Leftie (supposedly) Prime Minister, and she won’t lift a finger to help gay people.

So that’s why we have to give New Zealand Prime Minister John Key a big wet kiss.

Gay Marriage New Zealand

John Key at the New Zealand ‘Big Gay Out’, pledging his support in 2013 (Image: Rayna Ramsay)

In 2012,  New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (a right wing fella, btw) confessed that he was not opposed to gay marraige. Many credit his ‘reveal’ to Obama‘s landmark speech about gay rights. Whatever was his motivation, he was soon compelled to stand by his words. The opposition (the Labor left) quickly jumped at the chance to get the eqaulity baby on the road, and drafted the bill. John Key pledged his support, everyone was allowed to vote as their heart told them to, and now…less than 12 months later, look where we are….


Can same-sex couples from other countries get married in New Zealand?

Yes, as far as I can tell. If you are from another country, you and your loved one can exchange wedding rings in New Zealand. The New Zealand Government website just says to check with your own country first to make sure it’s all OK with your home government. Other than that proviso, it’s all good for same-sex couples from other countries to get married in New Zealand. Be aware, however, that when you get home, your marriage might not be recognised by your own country. (For example, I am an Australian, and even though I can get married in New Zealand, stupid bloody Australia won’t recognise the marriage document – read more here. Why on earth can’t Australia just get its act together and pass an equality bill like New Zealand? Not that I’m bitter…)


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Gay marriage in New Zealand - something to sing about!
This footage made me shows what happened when the New Zealand Gay Marriage Bill vote was announced. Too beautiful for words.

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