France legalizes gay marriage! Ooh la la!

France legalizes gay marriage! Ooh la la!

France legalizes gay marriage! Ooh la la!

Liberty! Fraternity! And now…. Equality! Let the wedding bells ring out today as France becomes the 14th country to legalize gay marriage.

I really wasn’t sure how this one would go. Would the vote pass, or wouldn’t it? In recent weeks there were some slick, well-organized protests from conservative groups against gay marriage. Their main problem (so they say) is with gay people having kids. As I discussed in  Why Lesbian Marriage is Good for Kids, this fear of gay couples having kids is just ludicrous, but it seems to be an unshakeable bastion of hate in some quarters – and the French quarter is no exception. Protests like the one below just make me tired. These people have the affrontery to pretend they are not homophobic.


And if there’s any doubt that this protest is NOT about homophobia, then why has there been an increase in gay violence over the last few weeks? On Twitter, while I write this, one of the top trending hash tags in France is “MortAuxGays” (Death To Gays).  Sick.

Of course, France has a history of standing up for the rights of its citizens, and in the spirit of its own national motto, French citizens of all walks of life came together to have their rational, compassionate voices heard – and to remind the French President of his campaign promise to support gay marriage.


Happily, the France gay marriage debate has a happy ending. The good guys won again and, as of today, gay marriage is legal in France. And hopefully, once those idiots realise it’s not going to destroy the fabric of society, their arguments and violent hash tags will fade away into history.


Can same-sex couples from other countries get married in France?

I’m not sure as yet. But I assume that, once the President signs off on the new law, the same rights will be extended to same-sex foreigners as hetero couples, and if that’s the case then – Yes, same-sex couples from other countries will be able to get married in France. However, it’s not easy for ANYONE to get married in France, even the people who live there! There is a lot of beauracracy to get through, and if you want to get married in church, you have to have TWO ceremonies, one at the town hall, and one at a church. Anyway, until I can find out more about gay-specific laws, you can read more about the hetero hoops that must be jumped through at the French Centre.


Big thank you to Templar1307 for the great photo of the rainbow flag at the top of this post.


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Article Name
France legalizes gay marriage
Gay marriage is now legal in France. Huge crowds protested against the new gay marriage law - while declaring they weren't homophobic!

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