Videos of lesbian brides in Washington

Videos of lesbian brides in Washington

Scroll down to find out what a glowing lesbian bride really looks like! On the 9th of December, 20102,  140 gay couples headed to City Hall in Seattle to get their marriage licenses  The energy was electric, and the long line-up of gay and lesbian couples cheered each newly-licensed pair as they walked proudly out of City Hall. Supporters handed out long-stemmed roses, TV crews jostled for photos, couples held each other close. Finally, the Washington gay marriage laws had come into effect.

The changes to the gay marriage laws have brought Washington into the present, joining New York, New Hampshire and an ever-growing bunch of forward-thinking states. With growing support for gay marriage throughout the USA, many believe more states will make the change in 2013.


The fight continues

In March, the issue of gay marriage will go to the highest court in the USA – the Supreme Court. The nine judges will hear challenges to the federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 ban.  Their decision will have huge repercussions throughout the USA. If they decide that Prop 8 is unconstitutional, it will send tidal waves of happy change through every other state that has banned gay marriage. If they uphold Prop 8, then … we just keep fighting.

We should know either way by June.

But, for the moment, let’s rejoice for Washington Gay Marriage!

With the wonder of the internet, we watched live as the history-making newly weds walk down the aisle (or steps) of City Hall to cheering crowds.  We wish we’d been there in person: the energy was electric.


Lesbian marriage videos: happy brides talk about their big day

Happily, Seattle Channel filmed some of the brides after their weddings. Want to see a lesbian bride glowing with happiness?  These lesbian marriage videos show couples from all walks of life and all ages – some have brought their friends and kids along to share the fun. Feel the love!


Michele and Kea 12/9/2012

Nancy and Deborah 12/9/2012

Johanna and Allison 12/9/2012

Amanda and Diane 12/9/2012


Congratulations to all the happy newly weds!

View more shared stories from the celebrations at City Hall.


Featured image by: Michael Holden


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