Countries that allow gay marriage in church

Countries that allow gay marriage in church

“Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get married!”

Damn right, you are. Around the world, more and more Churches are opening their doors and welcoming in gay grooms and lesbian brides. So if you are a spiritual person, you can now add this to your list of lesbian wedding ideas.

Below are some examples of countries that allow lesbian marriage in a Christian church. Help us make this list longer! If you know of a country or state that allows gay church weddings, let us know in the Comments section below.

Important points for tourists:

  • If you fly to a different country to get married, your union might not be ‘recognized’ by your home country. But things are changing all the time, so keep hold of that marriage document!
  • Research all the documentation you might need to bring, such as birth certificates, verified documents stating you are single etc. I would suggest being over-cautious and bring more than they say, .e.g. you could bring documents showing how long you’ve been living together, date-stamped photos etc.


Middle Collegiate Church, New York

Between the moon and New York City

New Middle Collegiate Church, New York City

Head to New York for a blissful lesbian wedding at this church.

What a fabulous gay honeymoon destination: New York! Aside from all the iconic gay landmarks (e.g. Stonewall), you can hold hands as you explore endless bars, art galleries and Broadway shows. And to top it off? A moonlit carriage ride through Central Park.

But that’s all for the honeymoon. Let’s talk about your big fat lesbian wedding: at none other than the Middle Collegiate Church, a breathtakingly beautiful on the Second Avenue in East Village (even the address sounds cool).

This Church represents the oldest Protestant congregation in North America: and yet, is one of the most progressive.

The Middle Collegiate Church has been performing gay marriages for years, even though they weren’t legal. But in 2011, when the State of New York legalised gay marriage, it was on for young and old. Gay couples were getting married three at a time, with huge congregations spilling out the enormous doors and onto the New York sidewalk.

Can I get married in New York, even if I don’t live there?

You certainly can! In New York, you need a marriage license before you can get married. Licenses are easy to get: you can apply for them online: here’s an FAQ on how to do it. But don’t get your license yet! It’s only active for 60 days, so first you’ll need to find out when you can book the Church. Contact the Middle Collegiate Church. You may have to wait a few months to get in.

Looking for other places in the USA that allow gay marriage? Check out the very cool Metropolitan Community Churches in Washington DC.


United Churches of Canada

Sweet as maple-syrup

Gay marriage in Canada

United Church in Vancouver, Canada. Image: Canadian Pacific

Canada will make your white wedding dreams will come true.

Getting married in Canada is another very do-able lesbian wedding idea. Many of the United Churches of Canada (a Protestant denomination of Christianity) believe that marriage is a celebration of God’s love, and they are totally welcoming and inclusive of gay people. They’re inclusiveness is so beautiful it makes me want to cry and/or become religious.  To find a minister who’ll be happy to marry you, contact Affirm United.

Can I get married in Canada, even if I don’t live there?

Anyone – even tourists – can get married in the United Churches in Canada. And of course, because of the wonderful Canadian Government, your marriage is totally legal. Elopement, anyone?


The Church of Denmark

Wedding cake in Cophenhagen

Church of Denmark: Lesbian Marriage

Lesbian marriage is welcome at the Church of Denmark.

The Church of Denmark is of the Lutheran and Reformed Churches denomination: found all over the world, including in Argentina and Sweden, this church is very progressive in its attitude towards gay and lesbian people. However, where most churches just offer a blessing, the Church of Denmark offers a full, legal marriage.

Can I get married if I don’t live there?

Yes, but there is a catch, however. Gay tourists can only get married in Denmark if their own country allows same-sex marriage. Denmark might be a good lesbian wedding idea for couples who can get married at home, but are still excluded from Church.


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