Lesbians raise smart kids: gay marriage facts

Lesbians raise smart kids: gay marriage facts

For years, homophobes have been saying that lesbian parenting affects kids. They were right. Lesbian parenting does affect kids – but for the better!

Two decades ago, Gartrell and Bos set out to discover whether lesbian parenting had any negative impact on children.¬†They followed over 80 lesbian couples for 17 years. The study recently reached its conclusion … and the findings are not what anyone expected. The following is taken from the Gartrell/Bos studyUS National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents’.

Teenagers of lesbian parents rate significantly higher in:

  • Social skills
  • Academic skills
  • Total competence

Teenagers of lesbian parents rank significantly lower in:

  • Rule-breaking
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Externalising behaviour

The reason for this is not certain, but Gartrell offers these theories, based on years of study.

Lesbian parents:

  • Broach difficult subjects, like tolerance and diversity
  • Accept their kids’ interests (don’t try to impose interests)
  • Don’t use corporal punishment or power assertion
  • Are very involved in the school community
  • Talk to their children about ways to deal with stress.

Impact of the paper on conservative groups

Conservative groups decry this paper, as predicted. However, just as the arguments against inter-racial marriage slowly died as evidence mounted, the knee-jerk reaction against lesbian marriage becomes harder as more studies and authorities prove that the children of lesbian parents are fine. For example, every large paediatric organization in America has stated that lesbian parenting has no impact on child outcomes. Every single one. (Although this paper shows there is an impact – for the better.)

Right-wing Christian family groups see this study as an attack on the family: that the paper is suggesting that it is actually detrimental to have a father at all. For any thinking person, this is ludicrous. The paper shows that it is not the fact of the parents’ “lesbianism” that makes them better parents, it’s simply that they are involved, committed parents.

Anyone can do it. But at the moment, lesbians are leading the way. It’s just one more reason to marry a lesbian.

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