Top 5 reasons to marry a lesbian: fun lesbian marriage facts

Top 5 reasons to marry a lesbian: fun lesbian marriage facts

The statistics are in, and there’s no getting around it: you need to marry a lesbian today. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why lesbian marriage is awesome.


Number Five: Your lesbian bride will be rich and musical

Lesbian marriage fact: lesbians are richer and more musical

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger… (Image:Epiclectic)

Lesbians are twice as likely to be left-handed as straight girls, and a new book shows that lefties earn 10% – 15%4 more than right-handed people, and are significantly better at music5. So, with only a leeeetle leap in logic, a potential bride can probably afford to take you somewhere glam for your honeymoon AND serenade you under the stars.


Number Four: Everybody’s doing it

Lesbian marriage fact: there are more gay households every year

Gain some cool points: shack up with a lesbian bride. (Image: Ondiraiduveau)

Lesbian marriage is soooo hot right now. In the US 1990 census, there were only 145 000 same sex unmarried households. In 2000, there were nearly 1.2 million gay people living with a same sex partner in America.1 Also, every year the support for gay marriage grows by 1% in the US.2


Number Three: There are more lesbians every day

Lesbian marriage fact: the number of lesbians is on the rise.

Gay marriage fact: Science shows that soon there’ll be more lesbians than rabbits.

Gay marriage statistics show that the number of lesbians is growing all the time. Between 1990 and 2000, four times as many women had had sex with a woman in the last five years1.  What does that mean for the lesbian unwilling to take the plunge? Every year there are more potential brides for you to choose from. 😉


Number Two:  Lesbian marriage lasts longer than straight marriage

Lesbian marriage is made to last

“Statistically, dear, I love you long time.” (Image: Ondiraiduveau)

Lesbian marriages ending in divorce last an average of 12 years, compared to 7 to 8 years in hetero relationships. Plus, 71.4% of divorced lesbian wives share custody of their children, compared to 65% of hetero couples.3 So if you’re worried it’ll all end in tears, stop worrying! (But your straight friends should be nervous.)


Number One: Lesbian parents raise super-human teenagers

Gay marriage fact: the children of lesbians are more intelligent.

Do your bit to raise an army of well-adjusted, super-intelligent, non-violent children. (Image: Chicks57)

Children of lesbian parents rank higher in social skills, academic skills and total competence. They’re also more open-minded and non-violent. I love this so much, I’ve written an entire post about it. So you owe it to the next generation to spread your loving memes.3


1. Avert 2. Domestic partnership Florida 3. Pediatrics digest 4. 5. Right Hand, Left Hand

Featured image of lovely bride: Ondiraiduveau


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