Lesbian wedding gifts – kitchen ideas

Lesbian wedding gifts – kitchen ideas

Kitchen wares are a great wedding gift idea. But when it comes to lesbian wedding gifts, you have to get creative!

At all weddings, gay or straight, it’s traditional to give practical kitchen gifts the couple can use in their new life together. However, in a lesbian marriage,  the couple have usually lived together for years or even decades before they get married (as lesbian marriage is only recently legalized in various countries). So you can pretty much guarantee the new brides will have the basic kitchen appliances!  So let’s get a bit more creative to find the two lovebirds a gift they don’t already have.

All of the following lesbian gifts can be found on Amazon, and many can be found at your local white goods or kitchen specialty store. Amazon is, after a patchy start in its early days, a very gay-friendly online store now – as it’s latest Kindle ad shows!

a. Wine glasses and mustache drink markers
 is always a welcome wedding gift idea, but why not give it a twist buy combining glassware with these ridiculous mustache drink markers? (And they’re only $5!).

b. Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator
Pop the Vinturi Aerator on the end of a wine bottle, and as you pour, it aerates the wine and dramatically enhances the taste. We’ve tried it: it made a $10 bottle of red wine taste rounded, full-bodied and delicious. It has had  around 2000 days in the Best Sellers List.

c. Sunbeam Bread Maker
Remember the days when you’d wake up to the smell of hot bread cooking in the kitchen? Neither do we. But now, with the uber-popular Sunbeam Breadmaker, you can set the machine going at night, and wake up to fresh bread the next morning.

d. Cuisinart griddler
The popular griddler can do just about anything: it’s a grill, panini press, griddle and more. You can fry your eggs, toast a sandwich, or grill burgers in minutes. The two brides will love making healthy, fast and delicious food. Currently in the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers List.

e. Margaritaville Concoction Maker
Let’s get this wedding party started! This Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker actually shaves the ice, creating restaurant quality frozen cocktails. We suggest creating a little kit for the brides, which includes:


Enjoy the wedding – and congratulations to the lucky brides to have a friend like you!


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