Christmas gifts for lesbian friends and family

Christmas gifts for lesbian friends and family

Christmas 2014 is here, and it’s time to start hunting for gifts for the lesbians in your life.  Here you’ll find the perfect gift to make your lesbian friend or family member giggle this Christmas. Of course, you’d be right in thinking there’s no difference between lesbian gifts and straight gifts: after all, a person is much more than their sexuality! So let’s brainstorm a variety of gorgeous pressie ideas…  (You might also be interested in gifts for lesbian lovers.)

Deck the halls with pop culture

Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments

Doctor Who Christmas Tree Ornaments (there’s also a Cyberman!). Available at Think Geek.

My favorite way of hitting a Christmas present out of the park is to think “What TV show does she like?” and then get her something cute related to that show. There are gifts for Doctor Who Fans, there are gifts for Hobbit fans, and of course gifts for Game of Thrones fans. Just ask her what her fav TV show is, then head over to ThinkGeek or Amazon– or even Someone will have something that fits the bill, I betcha.

All snug in their beds

These were popular in my Christmas list last year, so I’m including them again this year (2013). Boldloftwins top points for equality in their merchandise, and has a wide range of these sweet-as-sugar-plumb gifts for lovers of all persuasions – gay, straight and lesbian. At around $30, it’s a good price too. This is a also a nifty gift for a lesbian couple – it shows that you support their love.

Map out the future

This map above is something special. Your friend can pin her past or future travel plans, or the locations of her friends and family. The best thing is – when you buy it online you can have the little nameplate at the bottom changed to display your friend’s name (e.g. “The Journeys of Wonderful Wendy”). It’s available at the New York Times Store, which has expensive but drool-worthy gifts.

Stay out of the dog house

It’s not cheating, but it’s the best kept secret for perfect gifts. If you are really stuck on what to buy your lesbian friend, get something for her pet! It really is the smartest of all lesbian gifts! No matter what you get, she is going to love it. We are besotted with the Suede Shearling Coat below. It keeps her furry friend warm and snug when they’re out enjoying the Christmas snowflakes, and it’s classier than some of the crazy dog coats available.

Dog coat for Christmas

Available at Amazon.

A green Christmas

If she cares about the environment, consider this top-of-the-range solar kit from Goal Zero. It harnesses solar power, and she can use it to power her iPad, iPhone or any number of devices. It’s hard to see from the picture, but this thing is incredibly compact. She can carry it in her bag or a jacket pocket. The added bonus is that she’ll never have to worry about her phone or tablet dying.

Goal Zero Solar Kit

The solar kit is a bit pricey at $125 but very cool. Check it out.

P.S You might also find something in our selection of Christmas gifts for lesbian lovers and we also have some great geek gifts here!

Happy Christmas 2014! Wishing you peace, love and joy in the new year.

♥ Molly


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