Unusual pride products: funny lesbian gifts

Unusual pride products: funny lesbian gifts

Looking for unusual rainbow pride products? These might just fit the bill. Our favs are the cheeky Rainbow Vajazzles and the saucy Rainbow Pasties! So get your pride on with an awesome range of uber-odd lesbian gifts. These unique pride products are great for lesbian birthdays and anniversaries, or as a special accessory for your Pride Day celebrations.

a. Faux fur key chain

A long and fluffy piece of lesbian rainbow joy to glam up you keychain. It’s a generous 9 inches long, so it definitely makes a statement.

Pride key chain

Available at 1 seller for $14.99

b. Rainbow pasties for your boobies

So wrong it’s right: stick on rainbow pasties to cover your nip-nips.

Pride accessories for lesbians

Available at 1 seller for $10.23


c. Fan skin

Turn your ceiling fan into a work of rainbow art. Easy to stick on and easy to remove,  so there’s no need to tell the landlord.

Gay pride rainbow products: ceiling fan skin

Available from 1 seller for $44.95

d. Rainbow vajazzle

Let the sun shine on your vajayjay with a rainbow vajazzle. These little gems are applied to your – ahem – intimate parts. A sparkly surprise for the missus. (Note: if the rainbow vajazzle is often out of stock, cast your eye over the other designs.)

Funny lesbian gifts: rainbow vajazzle

Available from 1 seller for $13.99

e. Pride wings

Float like an angel on the wings of pride with these chandelle feather wings. Wonderful lesbian gifts for Pride Day or Mardis Gras. (Vegies and vegans note: the feathers are real.)

Unusual lesbian gifts: rainbow pride wings

Available from 1 seller for $54.95.

f. Rainbow dog harness

For proud puppies, here’s a rainbow harness with lead. The harness is lined, so pup feels comfortable when he’s out strutting his furry self.

Unusual lesbian gifts: pride outfit for dogs

Available from 1 seller for $19.95

g. Rainbow keyboard skin

Let your inner rainbow out through your finger-tips out as you type. This keyboard skin adds some bling to your Apple Macbook & Macbook Pro.

Lesbian rainbow keyboard skin

Available at 1 seller for $9.95

Late edition!

I just found this gorgeous lip tattoo! I don’t know how good it is – I’ll order one and let you know. It apparently comes in 3 pieces, and lasts up to 8hrs.

That’s it for our unusual lesbian rainbow pride products

If you’ve found any fun gay pride products, let us know in the comments below. I’ve also written about more stylish rainbow products if you’re interested.


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