Lesbian birthday presents for business women

Lesbian birthday presents for business women

Is your lesbian friend a business woman?

Check out these great lesbian birthday presents!

Here are my favorite lesbian birthday presents, especially chosen for those of us who work in an office. I suspect the gifts I’ve picked would work best for a friend’s birthday, but you might find a few ideas for lovers too (I’ve got my eye on the Tetris lamp for my wifey’s anniversary gift!). I’ve written this article because – let’s face it – a lot of us spend far too much time in the office. And that can be a bit depressing. These lesbian gifts will bring so much sunshine to her cubicle, she’ll forget about the flickering fluro lights. I’ve picked gifts that your lesbian friend can look at every day … so even when her 9 to 5 job gets her down, she’ll remember that she’s got a bestie who loves her.


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Idea 1: Geekery

Make her the envy of the nerd herd

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

When she’s feeling brain dead at work, it’s time for a cookie from her own Zombie Head cookie jar. $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

Keyboard Case For iPad Lesbian Birthday Gifts

If she has an iPad, get her this iPad case with keyboard. It just fits into her iPad and makes typing soooo much easier.
ThinkGeek for $49.99

Whiteboard for Lesbian Gift

“Who called?” “That guy!” Instead of writing messages, draw the face of the person who dropped by or called.
$25 from ThinkGeek

If you haven’t guessed by now, we love our gadgets. If your lesbian is a nerd or tech-head, here are a few that will keep her fingers busy from 9 to 5. These gifts make great lesbian birthday presents for friends, but as I said above, if your wifey is a geek like mine, they’ll also work as an anniversary gift.


Idea 2: Coffee mug

No-one will steal her mug again!

Lesbian Since 1986  Lesbian Mug by CafePress: Lesbian gifts

“Lesbian Since 1986” (choose your friend’s birth year).
$20 at CafePress

lesbian birthday gift

Sorry about the tiny picture! This mug has closet doors that open when you fill the mug with hot water. The doors reveal famous gay people.
$18 from Amazon.

Lesbian birthday present mug

Drink Coffee: do stupid things faster with more energy.
$15 from CafePress

Isn’t it annoying when people steal your mug in the staffroom? Do your lesbian friend a favour and this birthday, get her a kickarse mug that is hers alone. If she’s the kind of girl who wants the whole world to know who she shares a pillow with, you can go with something brazen like the first or second mug. As for the third mug…this pretty much sums up my life.

Idea 3:  Desk toys

A friendly figurine to sit on her desk

Lesbian birthday present - Mad Men Joan Holloway

Loves Mad Men? Here’s super secretary Joan Holloway.
$180 from Amazon

Willow Lesbian Birthday Presents

Loves Buffy? Here’s Willow in her darker hours.
$89.99 from Amazon

Xena Lesbian Birthday Gift

Loves Xena? Here’s the woman herself.
$34.99 from Amazon.

Imagine your lesbian friend typing away at her desk while Joan Holloway watches over her, her gold pen swinging between her ample bosoms. Joan, from the Mad Men series, is both lesbian icon and administration queen. Lesbian birthday gifts don’t get any better – unless it’s a figurine of Xena or Willow! Adult figurines can be expensive, but they are so beautiful, and she’ll treasure it forever. If it was me, this would be my top my choice for a birthday present. (I’m a big kid at heart, tho’)


Idea 4: Hip flask

Make Monday meetings more fun

Lesbian birthday present

Is she a derby girl? She’ll love this “Get Down and Derby” flask.
$32 from CafePress

Lesbian birthday gift

This gorgeous flask has a group of cross-dressing women from 1907. Love it.
$20 from Amazon

Lesbian birthday flask

Who doesn’t love Veronica Mars? (But if she doesn’t, there are heaps of other options for around $32 from Cafe Press)

The best lesbian birthday presents make her smile. That’s why you should consider giving her a hip flask (and a bottle of her fav scotch for refills). Tell her it’s an emergency kit for that big presentation on Monday morning. Even if she doesn’t use it at work, she’ll get a giggle from it – and it always comes in handy for a sneaky treat at concerts and sports events! 😉

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And thus ends my page about lesbian gifts for office workers. Hope this helps! Also check out my other posts about lesbian gifts.

Lots of love




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Lesbian gifts for the office - great birthday and anniversary ideas
Does your lesbian friend work in an office? Check out these awesome lesbian birthday presents for office workers.

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