Christmas gifts for lesbian lovers

Christmas gifts for lesbian lovers


There is nothing better than spending Christmas Eve with your loved one, but how do you find those perfect Christmas gifts for lesbians that will entice her under the mistletoe? The best gifts reflect her unique soul, and are symbolic representations of your love.


a. Tickets to her dream event
No-one knows your girlfriend better than you do, so get her tickets to something that will blow her socks off. We love ticket liquidator where you can find last minute tickets to everything from The Book of Mormon to the Nascar. Pop the tickets in a gift box, so she can’t guess what’s under the tree.

b. Super cozy love seat
Snuggle up together this Christmas on this oh-my-god-sooo-comfy love seat. Unlike other love sacs that are over $600, we found this one for well under the $300 mark. It’s HUGE and fits two people with ease. If it’s too big for you, take a look at these other sizes.

c. Wonder Woman pajama set
If she’s the Wonder Woman in your life, deck her out on Christmas morning in the ultimate Wonder Woman pajama set. Officially licensed by DC Comics, this 100% cotton jammie ensemble is super-comfy and totally empowering.

d. Handcrafted wine or beer delivered every month!
You can organise to have handcrafted wine or beer delivered to her doorstep every month. Awesome “clubs” allow you to specify how long you want to send the gift, e.g. 3 months, 6 months etc. US shoppers should head over to the Monthly Beer Club and the Global Wine Club for more details. (If you’re from the UK, check out The Chocolate Tasting Club!)

e. Heart compass
If you are far away from your loved one this Christmas, this pocket heart compass will show her the way home. It’s designed by artisan Jim Clift, handcrafted, and made with 100% renewable energy.

f. Your names on a Christmas doormat
If you and your wifey share a nest, declare your love on the doorstep! You can personalize this Christmas Doormat with your names or your own greeting. Cheap, too!

P.S. Something really naughty
Our site is rated PG, but you can find naughtier lesbian gifts at Eden fantasys.

P.P.S.Update! Can’t help but add this one last product. It’s a hand blown pride flag designed by Kurt Adler. A little hint of rainbow joy for your Christmas tree.

Christmas gifts for lesbians: rainbow pride flag ornament

Pride rainbow Christmas ornament. Check prices

That brings us to the end of our little tribute to Christmas gifts for lesbian lovers. We’ve also compiled a goody bag of lesbian gifts for friends or family. Have fun searching for her present! And remember: a kiss from your wifey is the best gift there is.


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