Geeky lesbian gifts

Geeky lesbian gifts

Lesbian gifts for geeks! These gifts would work for a lesbian birthday, but they’d also work for a wedding gift or even a romantic anniversary present. Romantic? Yes, indeed! My girlfriend is a geek, and when I can afford to get her some geeky gadget, she is doe-eyed and moon-struck. So check out these gorgeous gadgets and glam gifts for your favorite nerd.

a. Lytro camera
This is must-have for photography geeks (and nature nerds). It’s no ordinary camera: you shoot first, and focus later. So let’s say you see a bird in a tree: you just point and shoot. Later, you can focus on anything in that shot: the bird, the leaves in the foreground, the clouds in the background … or even a flock of birds in the sky you didn’t even see when you took the picture. Want it hard. Check prices


b. Beats wireless headphones
If your gf is a sound geek, nothing beats the Beats Wireless Headphones.She can walk around the house listening to music, TV or her phone. (I like them because I can read in silence while my gf watches TV!) Check prices.

c. LG Wireless Bluetooth Headset
A more affordable alternative to the Beats headphones – check out the LG Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

d. Glowing umbrella
We saw this light-up umbrella doing the rounds of talk shows lately, and thought it looked pretty cool. It’s basically a quality umbrella with a 6-volt krypton bulb, so a lesbian geek can surround herself with light at night or in low visibility. Winner of the GOOD design award. It’s usually around $40. Check prices.

e. Jambox wireless speaker
This is awesome: the Jawbone JAMBOX is a juicy little speaker small enough to carry in one hand, but powerful enough to pump music for your party. It’s wireless, so it’s great for picnics and pool parties. On sale at the moment: Check prices.


f. The Ultimate Fidget
If the geek in your life likes to fidget, she might like this clever little fidget toy. You just sorta – fidget with it. It was designed by someone with ADHD to aid concentration. Cheap and cheerful. Check prices.

g. Asus Tablet
The ASUS Transformer TF300 is a much-loved touch-screen tablet. It’s standout feature is the keyboard that just clicks off when you’re not using it. It’s just under $400, so it’s not a cheap, throwaway lesbian birthday present, but she will love you long time. It’s also a fair whack cheaper than anĀ Apple iPad. Check prices


h. Freedom cooktop: new age cooking solution
This is waaaaay too expensive for us, but it’s tres swish. The Thermador Masterpiece Freedom Cooktop senses where your pots and pans are, and heats underneath them. So you can place your pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop. Watch the video – it’ll make more sense! Also works as a lesbian wedding gift. Hide your visa card and check the enormous prices.


Hope this list helps! Lots of love to you and your favorite geeky lesbian!


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