Fun lesbian gifts for weddings – creative, cheeky and funny ideas

Fun lesbian gifts for weddings – creative, cheeky and funny ideas

Today we’re reviewing some creative, cheeky and funny lesbian gifts for weddings.  I’ve written this article because lesbian weddings are not always formal affairs. Many of the lesbian weddings I’ve attended are casual, high-spirited affairs. The wedding might simply be a trip to the registry office followed by a high-spirited dinner with some good friends. The lesbian brides might not have a gift registry – or indeed even expect gifts!

Sometimes, the brides might not even celebrate with friends and family at all! I’ve known many couples elope to New Zealand or Hawaii and came back with a ring on their fingers!

In these instances, expensive, formal lesbian wedding gifts don’t feel right, do they?  The brides aren’t expecting a new cutlery set. They don’t hanker after an expensive toaster. They’re not looking for crystal wine glasses.

So what can you do?

If you’re like me, you’ll still want to do something to commemorate the moment – something fun, light-hearted and thoughtful.

So with that thought…here are some fun lesbian gifts for weddings.


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1. Kama Sutra Gift Hamper

Kama Sutra Strawberry Sweet Heart Box

Gorgeous kama sutra box
$39.95 from

If the couple are getting married in another state or country, send them a hamper. I love this delicious kama sutra heart-shaped box, full of these delectable treats:

  • Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust with Feather Body Duster.
  • White Chocolate Body Paint for Lovers.
  • Strawberry Creme Body Souffle.

I found this hamper on – they have super speedy delivery times.


2. Lesbian wedding cake topper

Lesbian wedding cake toppper

Lesbian cake toppers and memory dolls.
Starting from $95 at My Memory Dolls.

Gay and lesbian wedding cake toppers are always a fabulous gift. A mate put me onto ‘Memory Dolls’ Custom Wedding Cake Toppers. I got into contact with them, and they are very gay friendly. The photo above shows one of the many lesbian wedding cake toppers they’ve done recently. All you have to do is send in a picture of your couple, and they’ll make a lesbian wedding cake topper that looks like the fair pair. These are a great lesbian wedding gift, for either a casual or formal wedding. These dolls will be comething they’ll treasure for ever.

3. Scary experience gifts

Experience gifts and gift experiences

Getting married can be scary – so make them do something even scarier! Great American Days has ridiculously scary gifts like stock car racing, rodeo lessons, air balloon rides – even vintage airoplane flights! Or just buy a voucher, and let your lovely lesbian brides pick for themselves.


 4. Try out a new surname

personalized mrs. bikini

Put their new married name on a bikini.
$70 from The Knot Wedding Shop.

I found this on the Knot (a hetero-centric store but I hear it’s soon to launch a gay wedding magazine). Why is this a funny lesbian gift for a wedding? Because as all lesbians know, the question of what to do about names always comes up. Should they hyphenate? Should they combine their names into one? Here’s your chance to weigh in on the discussion. With this gift, you can display their new name in glittering crystals on the bum of a bikini set. It’s all done for you here. (Note that this bikini set is on the small size – pick a size up for safety.)


5. Ridiculous reading

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book.
$25 from Amazon

This might just be my stupid sense of humor, but I’d find it hysterically funny if someone gave me the Whole Lesbian Sex Book as my lesbian wedding gift. It’s exquisitely naff.


6. Tacky and terrific

Light-Up Boob Shot Glass - Funny Lesbian Gifts for Weddings

Fun and naughty: Light-Up Boob Shot Glass

Nothing says ‘traditional wedding’ like a classy wine-glass set. This is no traditional wedding – so let’s consider a set of LED flashing boobie shot glasses! (Even tackier is the The Boob Shaped Beer Bong!)


7. Something blue

Something Blue V-Neck Babydoll

Something blue? Think Dr Who. Something Blue V-Neck Babydoll

If you’re stuck for ideas, the “something blue” option opens up a few possibilities. For example, if one of the wives is a Doctor Who geek (like me) she might like the “Something Blue” Tardis T-shirt. Or you could go more traditional with a blue garter – we like this peacock feather one.


Runners Up in the “Funny lesbian gifts for weddings” category

They’re not really a ‘funny’ lesbian gift, but I love these cufflinks!

Yep, somebody is actually selling lesbian pheromones. Tell your lesbian brides it’ll keep the fireworks going in the bedroom!


our lesbian marriage graphic


That’s it for a funny lesbian gifts for weddings! But we’ve reviewed heaps more lesbian gifts.

Featured image: Ed Schipul

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Funny lesbian gifts for weddings
Funny lesbian gifts for weddings. Pick from these cheeky lesbian gifts. Perfect for a casual lesbian wedding. (All gifts are from gay-friendly stores.)

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